Why Organic?

When you go into your local supermarket to buy fresh produce, do you choose by looks or are you more concerned about how the crop has been produced?

When we see a shelf of perfect looking vegetables we know that it has been sprayed several times and we would be consuming the harmful chemical residues every time we eat them. But it’s not only our own health that we are concerned about. We are also alarmed that these residues will be left in the soil and will be affecting the life and health of the environment and eco systems. We believe it’s not only our own health at risk but also the health of the environment, wildlife and farm animals. So by relying more on organic produce we are taking a positive step to change that for the better.

And if you can grow your own food you will have the added benefit of eating it fresh which will be more tasty and more healthy.



At Leary’s Organic Seeds we are absolutely committed to safeguarding the health and wellbeing of our customers and wider environment. Organic agriculture nurtures healthy soils that are rich with balanced nutrients. All our seeds are grown organically at either our Soil Association certified farm or supplied through our network of certified partners.



Our seeds are 100% free of GMO’s. Our processes ensure the absence of GMO material throughout the production cycle – seed production, cleaning, storage and delivery.



Most commercial varieties of vegetables are bred to produce high yields of cosmetically perfect looking crops that need high levels of artificial fertilisers and a cocktail of chemical sprays. All the varieties that we at Learys Organic Seeds offer to you have been chosen because they are naturally good at resisting many diseases and do not need high levels of artificial fertility to produce good yields. And further more several have been bred exclusively for organic production. This can take up to 15 years from the first crossing to the new variety ready to sell.