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We are proud to be fully certified by the Soil Association

At Leary’s Organic Seeds we’ve been certified by the Soil Association since 1975 when we started farming and then at Bioselect UK in 1999. The certification is your guarantee that all the seed production, storage and distribution meets the stringent conditions of organic production under European law.


Potato Characteristics

Variety Maturity Blight Resistance
(9 Totally Resistant)
Cook Type Texture
Accent        Early 7 Steam/Boil/Salad/Mash/Chips/New Potato Creamy
Alouette Main Crop 9 Good all rounder  Smooth
Athlete 2nd Early 9 Salad/Boil/Steam/Curries/Casseroles/Dauphinoise  Firm
Belle De Fontenay 2nd Early 5 Salad/Steam/Boil Waxy
Charlotte 2nd Early 7 Salad/Steam/Boil/Wedges Waxy
Cara Late Main Crop 7 Bake/Mash/Roast/Chips Floury
Carolus Main Crop 9 Chips/Roast/Mash/Baking/blanching  Fluffy
Desiree Main Crop 7 Boil/Bake/Mash/Roast/Chips Firm
Marfona 2nd Early 7 Baking/Boil/Mash  Creamy
Pentland Javelin Early 6 New Potato/Steam/Salad/Mash Floury
Pink Fir Apple Late Main Crop 4 Salad/Steam/Boil Waxy
Rudolf Main Crop 8 Good all rounder Smooth

Onion Characteristics

Variety Plant Harvest Bolting Resistance Usage Storage
Radar           Autumn July Average Salad/Cooking December
Troy Autumn May/June Good Salad/Cooking December
Troy Spring June/July Good Salad/Cooking January
Jetset Spring July/August Good Salad November
Sturon Spring August/September Average Cooking February
Centurion Spring August/September Good Cooking March
Santero Spring September Good Cooking April
Kamal F1 Spring August/September Good Salad/Cooking March
Red Baron Spring August/September Average Salad/Cooking January

Garlic Characteristics

Variety Plant Colour Useage Havest Storage
Flavor         January/March Ivory/Pink Green Salad/Cooking August/September February
Vallelado October/December White Green Salad/Cooking July/August December
Morado October/December Ivory/Pink Dry/Cooking July/August December
Printanor January/March White Dry/Cooking August/September February

Shallot Characteristics

Variety Plant Harvest Bolting Resistance Usage Storage
Red Sun     Spring July/August N/A Salad/Cooking March

All information in these tables are for guidance only and can vary depending weather and soil conditions.