China and beyond

October '10 - April 11

That's enough of the Mountains so we head due east from the Erkesham Border in the direction of the Kashgar. This means going through some major uphills to the east of the Pamirs. It's good to be on asphalt again but the rain is heavy and constant and all signs disappear. And then the stomach starts to rumble. When you are cycling with a pal it is at these times when patience can become frayed, potentially disrupting the prevailing sense of comradeship.

Back on track momentarily before getting into thick clay which clogs the system. Clean up at a village - I remind myself that, in the bigger context of the trip, the bike has kept going and going. Find a hut and they let me camp in their backyard. Good country people - the old man is covered in white horse hair. Howling dogs, cold winds. I'm starting to think about the tropics.