"Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race."

HG Wells

A journey eastwards by bicycle from Hackney.

Work contract has finally expired and thesis has been submitted so it's time for a long overdue adventure. This has been emerging for sometime now. Once the seed of a cycle trip begins to flourish it is impossible to ignore. It becomes all encompassing and suddenly you realise that perhaps the small glimmer of dream is possible.

This project isn't about setting records or overcoming personal herculean challenges - in fact, I'm not exactly sure what it will bring. But it is this unknown that creates the appeal. I suppose it is all about life on life's terms and the humanity that comes with it and getting acquainted with the basics again after the constant barrage of inane junk that has long passed saturation point.

So the plan is to head (more/less) eastwards from Hackney down the Rhine, along the Danube to Istanbul for some rest and recuperation. Then onwards to Iran, Turkemenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Krgystan and then to China and Tibet. However, nothing is that simple so I'm expecting deviations, spanner in works, intestinal disruptions and ongoing delirium.

Brooks Saddle

"Brooks' legendary traditional leather saddles,
like the B17, are still potentially the most comfortable around."

(I will let you know after I get to Istanbul)
Brooks B17 / It's coming all the way to China

The Route

Europe: London - Harwich - Hook of Holland - Sassenheim - Dusseldorf - Rhine - Konstanz - Ulm - Linz - Bratislava - Budapest - Arad - Constanta - Varna - Burgas - Istanbul Central Asia: Istanbul - Bafra - Trabzon - Kars - Yerevan - Tabriz - Tehran - Khar Turan - Asgabat - Turkmenabat - Samarqand - Dushnabe - Khorog - Sary Tash - Osh
China, Tibet & Beyond: Kashgar - Hotan - Kailash - Lhasa - Yunnan - etc

Trip Images

I will be adding images (and perhaps some video) whenever I get the opportunity. There may be times when the connection is poor so I will upload lower-res images.

Time spent in reconnaissance...

Santos 2.8 Travelmaster, North face Tadpole; Mountain Equipment lightline, Thermarest original, Sea to Summit liner, Rohloff oil, Alien 2 Multitool, Duct tape, Cable Ties, MSR Whisperlite, MSR Titan 2, Orisco Plates, Spork, Merino baselayer, Keen Newport, PHD Down Jacket, Changabang Shell, Katadyn Filter, Leatherman Wave,Petzl, Knog Nerd, 250gm Polymorph.

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You may have recommendations for tea rooms, shisha houses, wildernesses, monuments, friends, projects, bike mechanics or questions about the bike, route, hills, wolves, snakes or you may just want to come and cycle for a while - it would be great to hear from you.

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